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We’re just a couple of fun loving, side by side /ATV/Jeep riding fans who want to share the beauty of the desert with you. 

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Mission & Vision

While we love it when we can explore unimpeded, our vision is to make the local favorite places, as well as some much less known places, findable and enjoyable to all those who have a passion for off-roading and want to explore the area. In that, our mission is to create easily accessible trail maps, with information about how to get there, what to avoid, what to know, and points of interest, so that everyone who chooses to make the drive can enjoy what we’ve enjoy.

We do it for the love of Mesquite, Nevada and the surrounding areas. The desert is beautiful, from sunrise to sunset and varies dramatically in flora, fauna, and elevation. While exploring, you’ll come across open spaces, mountains, riverbeds, slot canyons, local spots, and so much more.

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